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Influencing Change in the Garment Industry

Interview with Nadine Manson of Bewildher Clothing
January 22, 2020

Get to Know

Nadine Manson

“If I quit and left the industry, nothing changes, and I can’t influence change.”

  • Believes strongly in aligning your business with your values and the importance of alignment to your success.


  • Created a business around her own lifestyle and experiences so she could know her customers’ needs and desires.


  • Is influencing big changes in a very traditional industry that has been problematic for many years
Just the Audio

Episode Summary

Nadine is a formally trained clothing designer who took her skills and experience working in the fashion industry and created her own brand and product, inspired by her lifestyle and a gap she found in the current market. 

When her business wasn’t feeling right, and her results weren’t headed in the right direction, Nadine decided to break the mold and try and whole new business model, which was non-traditional but felt right. As a result of the alignment she created with her own values and her market, she achieved what most in her industry could not – sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that was profitable, fashionable and high quality. 

Staying true to her values and goals, she has been able to support the local economy, and create a model that helps women working in the industry receive fair wages and earn new and important skills. Her business continues to grow on a rapid trajectory, and she’s managing that growth with a keen eye on her numbers and continued innovation.

Key Ideas

  • Being inspired to start a business by adult onesies
  • Starting a business at the onset of a big industry trend
  • How to innovate on a very traditional business model that’s broken
  • The importance of creating an operational model that is aligned with your values
  • How taking a break from her business helped her reinvent herself and her work
  • Why it’s so important to know your numbers all the time
  • Building a pre-payment business model to solve the production and turnover challenges
  • Rebuilding a business with a newborn, living in a camper in the middle of winter with maxed out cards and no credit
  • Joining and driving the Slow Fashion movement
  • “If I quit and left the industry, nothing changes, and I can’t influence change”
  • The benefits of creating transparency into an impact-driven business
  • How being driven by a future vision helps you make decisions today
  • The impact of your vision on creating community around your brand
  • “You don’t have to do everything. You just have to stay focused.”
  • You can find ways to give back without re-creating the wheel
  • 300% financial growth in two years as a result of alignment
  • It takes time and consistency to build an audience
  • Strategies to keep her audience engaged and responding (and buying!)
  • “As long as I’m consistent, it’s crazy to see what a difference it makes”
  • Seeing objections to price as an opportunity to tell your story
  • Surviving in a flooded market with strong value propositions and creating a strong customer experience
  • People need more of a reason to buy than the product
  • Expanding your core business model to scale past products
  • Creating a legacy in her industry to help others achieve the same goals
  • “If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to work for free”


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