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Healing Yourself by Finding Your Voice

Interview with Claudia Consolati of The Women Speak Up Project
January 29 , 2020

Get to Know

Claudia Consolati

“I realized that I just needed to be myself to build a business I loved.”

  • Established her career as a professor of gender and sexuality at an Ivy League university.
  • Believes that gender definitions are problematic and affect our ability to find our voices.
  • Built her business from her own healing process.
Just the Audio

Episode Summary

Claudia Consolati is a professor of gender and sexuality, and a coach for women who need to find their voice. Claudia has developed a three-phase program to help women understand themselves and what’s holding them back, and find their true inner voice, that will free them to be who they have been called to be. 

Claudia’s own life experiences, and her healing from them, lead her to develop her unique approach to helping women live more fulfilling lives. She has bridged the gap between academia and entrepreneurship, despite the very strong dichotomy that exists between the two. 

Through her feminist teaching, and post-graduate studies in women and media, Claudia has become a thought leader and expert on helping women reclaim their power and become strong, vibrant versions of themselves. 

Key Ideas

  • Building a business from your own healing process
  • How to find your own voice, and why it matters
  • Why we need help finding our voice
  • “A side-effect of finding your voice, is that your relationships improve”
  • The trouble with gender and gender definitions
  • How lack of voice manifests itself in physical symptoms
  • Healing through the creation of a cohesive narrative
  • Finding the intersection of coaching and teaching
  • Why marketing becomes easier when you’re selling something that is fully aligned with you and your vision
  • Running a business as a highly sensitive person
  • Finding clients through regular public speaking
  • Why you shouldn’t only take paid speaking engagements
  • Creating awareness around a need that your customers don’t necessarily know they have
  • The solutions we create for our feelings of being unhappy or not enough
  • Why men also need to find their voice
  • Why feminism is for everyone, men and women both
  • Making the transition from academia to entrepreneurship
  • Giving yourself permission to focus on what really lights you up in your business
  • Why we should be teaching graduate students in the Humanities fields business skills
  • How you know you have work to do in finding your voice
  • Why perfectionism is a trauma response
  • Why following other people’s business models just doesn’t work
  • “I realized that I just needed to be myself to build a business I loved”
  • “Don’t be afraid to be seen and heard, and believe that people will like you”


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