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Interview with Meagan Williamson of Meagan Williamson – Pinterest Strategist
February 6, 2020
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Meagan Williamson

“There’s no ceiling to where my company can go and what I can do.”

  • Started her business while on maternity leave and didn’t look back.
  • Embraces the idea that the only limits she has are the ones she puts on herself.
  • Believes strongly in finding your unique angle to bring to the table.
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Episode Summary

Meagan Williamson is a Pinterest marketing consultant who works with businesses to maximize their presence, increase their traffic and in turn, generate more clients and make more sales with Pinterest.

Meagan started her successful entrepreneurship as a passion-project while on maternity leave, and made the life-changing decision to transform her side-hustle into a prosperous career. She continues to provide guidance and instill confidence in her clients so they can grow and scale their audience using powerful and visual search platforms to a level they never imagined.

Although the hustle is seemingly never-ending, Meagan has proven to the world that through finding your unique angle, you can create and design a successful business that is true to who you are and helps create the life you want to live.

Key Ideas

  • Grew her team as her business grew in a measured way
  • “I scaled at a rate that felt very comfortable.” 
  • “I didn’t spend money I didn’t have.”
  • “I’m not the story that I hated my job. I loved my job. I just can’t imagine working in a regular work environment anymore, especially when I have the flexibility to do what I do now.” 
  • “There’s no ceiling to where my company can go and what I can do.” 
  • “The only limits that are on me are the limits I put on myself. And that is so amazing.”
  • Finding your unique angle you bring to the table and making it work
  • Being held accountable by your clients for things that are outside of your control, and how to manage that
  • Being surrounded by community is such an important thing when making the transition to entrepreneurship 
  • Realizing that the hustle is worth it for those big and little life events 
  • “My business lets me be the parent I want to be, and the parent that I am lets me have the business I want to have.” 
  • “If I can do this, I can do anything.” 
  • Incredible to see those that wouldn’t excel in the boardroom to excel online
  • “We can create and design our lives around our business, not a business that decides what your life is going to be.” 
  • You have to get good at saying no



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I am a small business strategist whose personalized approach helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. I create highly-customized business models that have enabled clients to double and triple their income without working longer hours. Whether they’re service providers or product creators, I help my client build the confidence and find the clarity they need to feel energized by their new business direction.