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Dancing with Fear

Interview with Dana Smith of Dana Smith Wellness
February 12, 2020

Get to Know

Dana Smith

“The only thing that’s stopping you from making this into something is yourself.”

  • Her passion has always been focused on helping and healing others.
  • Realized that she needed to dance with fear to break out of the shell.
  • Understands the importance of being comfortable with making mistakes.
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Episode Summary

Dana is a life coach who works with women who feel like they’ve lost their spark. These women know they have important contributions to make to the world, but feel lackluster, overwhelmed, and like they’re not reaching their potential. 

Dana has shown her passion and aptitude of healing and influencing others through various modes – art, massage therapy, and life coaching. Her profound desire to help others has influenced herself to take a deep dive from her comfort zone and into a new realm. 

Through combining her experience and knowledge of her years within the health and wellness industry, she has infused her coaching practice with more creativity, more grit, and more life. She has learned to grab fear by the horns and see all that it has to offer!

Key Ideas

  • Moved from influencing others in an emotional way through art to influencing others in a healing capacity through massage
  • Combining her health and wellness knowledge with coaching knowledge to help guide others in discovering what they’re missing
  • Helping to unearth core values and use them to help inform the actions we take as we build our businesses 
  • Felt a deep desire to infuse her coaching practice with more life 
  • Using her creativity to help develop a student resilience program 
  • “A year ago I was operating at 400%. Now I feel I’m operating at 100%, and it feels way healthier.”
  • Dancing with fear has enabled her to prioritize what she feels is best.
  • “I got sick of hearing my own story.”
  • Took a personally scary step of investment to grow her business.
  • “The only thing that’s stopping you from making this into something is yourself.”
  • “I’m building this army of people who are helping other people.”
  • Being in touch with the level of impact you have on the world through your businesses 
  • Finding the importance of slowing down
  • “It’s being able to sit in that discomfort and still feel like you’re on track.” 
  • “As long as there’s a need and as long as I still feel called to do this work, I’ll keep showing up.” 
  • Understanding that it’s okay for a coach to need a coach
  • Fear isn’t something we typically want to stop and check out, but it usually has so much to offer
  • “Get curious. Just get curious.”
  • Perfectionism is just a manifestation of fear
  • Being comfortable with being wrong and making mistakes 
  • Keep being kind to yourself and have fun


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