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The Human Side to Your Financials

Interview with Megan Carter of The Nerdy Keeper
April 14, 2021

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Megan Carter

“You shouldn’t need to have an MBA to understand your financials.”

  • Understands that there’s an emotional side to your money.
  • Values knowing when a client is the right fit for her.
  • Prides herself on showing the human side to financials.
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Episode Summary

We had the opportunity to speak with Megan Carter of The Nerdy Keeper about how she is making the leap from a 9-5 job to building the career of her dreams.

Megan prides herself on having a humanistic and understanding approach to handling your financials. Not only do her services provide that much-needed assistance with your books, but you also walk away with peace of mind (yes, you read that correctly).

Join us for this episode as we get to know the human side of bookkeeping, and how you can (actually) enjoy the experience!

Key Ideas

  • Runs her business completely virtual, which is not common in the bookkeeping world
  • Prides herself in creating a unique, welcoming and interactive experience for her clients
  • “You shouldn’t need to have an MBA to understand your financials.”
  • Having an extra set of eyes on your money helps you become aware of your life patterns, not only financially 
  • There’s an emotional side to your money
  • It’s hard to differentiate what you should be paying for personally versus what the business should be paying for
  • Paying for bookkeeping services isn’t solely for financial reasons – it can be huge for peace of mind
  • The majority of her clients have come through referrals 
  • Prefers to interact with potential clients through shared experiences rather than networking events 
  • “Part of it is just really trying to show up.”
  • It’s important to show your human side
  • Contracts out for tasks she finds draining and not suited to her expertise 
  • Has intentionally and successfully removed herself from certain social platforms to reduce distractions and stress
  • Knows in what capacity she wants to work and doesn’t stray from that
  • “Setting up those accountability systems has really helped a lot.”

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