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Overcoming the Mindset of Failure

Interview with Gina Horkey of Horkey HandBook
June 16, 2021

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Gina Horkey

“It feels right to keep charging ahead and keep solving problems.”

  • Believes in the power of having an open, positive mindset.
  • Genuinely wants to see others succeed.
  • Uses her strengths and passions to benefit others.
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Episode Summary

Gina Horkey is an entrepreneur-extraordinaire (to say the least) that left her 9-to-5 job to build her dream business of helping others live the life they want.

As a talented writer, teacher and creator, it only made sense that Gina outgrew the box society told her to fit into. Realizing that she had so much more to offer, she set out to use the tools and skills she acquired along the way to build a lifestyle that supported both her family and other entrepreneurs that were craving something different. 

Gina’s journey of overcoming the mindset of failure has enabled her to bring her creativeness, kindness and teaching mastery to light, all the while producing endless opportunities for others to create their dream life.

Key Ideas

  • Rebels against the common misconception that successful people are labelled as “lucky”
  • So many have been conditioned to go down the traditional educational path and corporate ladder climb
  • Considers herself blessed to have jobs at such a young age that taught her proper work ethic and the consequences of having money
  • On paper, she had an incredible job before diving into entrepreneurship, but struggled with the lack of creativity
  • Fell into the practice of teaching by accident
  • Virtual assistant services are anything that you can do online to help another business
  • Provides so many people the opportunity to build a career flexible to their life
  • Being complacent in what you offer can get you overrun by your competition
  • “Change is just inevitable and it’s happening at a faster pace than ever before.”
  • Finds great value in working with coaches to help guide her and keep her accountable
  • Not only is she offering her customers a place to start, but providing them an opportunity for a lifelong venture
  • Mindset can hold you back more than you’re abilities 
  • Community is a huge component of the success of Fully Booked VA
  • Being a VA, the only thing holding you back in yourself
  • Business is one big continuum 
  • Is more afraid of not trying than getting it wrong 
  • “I really care about people being successful”
  • “You can start your journey as a virtual assistant, but you don’t have to end your journey there either.”
  • Building a team you trust is imperative to your growth 
  • Has changed the mentality from “what is the worst that can happen” to “what’s the best possible outcome”
  • Don’t look at where you are, look at where you’re going
  • Wants to that people are getting a fair exchange of value for the services


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I am a small business strategist whose personalized approach helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. I create highly-customized business models that have enabled clients to double and triple their income without working longer hours. Whether they’re service providers or product creators, I help my client build the confidence and find the clarity they need to feel energized by their new business direction.