Real People, Real Business


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Excellent show

I enjoyed being a guest on this show! Stephanie’s questions are thought-provoking and the content is relevant and engaging for listeners. I like the down-to-earth approach to business that Stephanie highlights. Definitely worth subscribing!

Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Filling a gaping hole in the market

There’s so much out there for new & mid-level business owners and for those who are easily swayed by the next hottest trend. But what about the seasoned entrepreneurs? Stephanie is creating a space for those of us who got our start before online business was even fathomable. There is so much to be shared & learned from the experience-rich conversations that Stephanie so eloquently leads. This has quickly become a staple in my listening library.

A visionary for entrepreneurs

So much of what entrepreneurs discuss is metrics and boring data. But Stephanie brings a different twist to really get the STORIES out of fellow entrepreneurs: what makes them tick, what got them on their journey—it’s raw and unfiltered and pure. She’s a charismatic, gentle host—and what I love most about this show-it’s like I’m listening in on a coffee shop convo between friends.

Stephanie is the bestest

When you need actual advice and ideas to utilize in your business, and not just “manifest wealth and it shall come to you” woowoo shenanigans, Stephanie is your gal. She interviews with compassion and true interest, and there are always such good nuggets of information in there. I don’t care for a lot of business podcasts, but hers I listen to. (And How I Built This because everyone needs inspo sometimes!)

Highly recommend!

Steph is the real deal! She’s incredibly smart, down to earth, and relatable and gets fantastic guests for the pod. I’ve never heard another business coach talk with such clarity and authenticity. And her focus is always on helping the people she works with bring their visions for their businesses to life. Really can’t recommend highly enough.

Amazing, real conversations

Stephanie’s community is awesome, and the conversations she hosts offer truth and perspectives I didn’t know how much I needed to hear. I love listening to this podcast because there’s always an amazing kernel I can take away that improves my approach to business & widens my viewpoint. Definitely give this podcast a listen if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who’s building your community or trying to find your own flow & ease in your business. She teaches about playing to your strengths and building something that’s sustainable and profitable.