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Helping You Succeed, One Task at a Time

Helping You Succeed, One Task at a Time

Samantha Mersereau runs a virtual assistant business, Assist-her, with her sister (punny, right?) that caters to entrepreneurs who don’t have the time, skills, or drive for certain tasks and projects.

Holding a strong belief in the power of communication, Sam takes pride in building trusting relationships with all of her clients to ensure that taking that scary step outside of their comfort zone was the right decision to make.

Sam discusses how running her own business to help others has completely transformed her perception of work for the better, and how the nature of her business promotes the incredible opportunity for continuous learning.

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Making Your Message Heard and Understood

Making Your Message Heard and Understood

Liz Green is the total package behind her business Green Goose Writing as she assumes the roles of book coach, editor and ghostwriter. This writing powerhouse works with passionate business owners and leaders who have a message to share with the world, but find themselves struggling to write it.

Liz grew up having a genuine interest in books and everything that they encompass – reading, writing, knowledge, and sharing experiences. She now has the incredible (and well-deserved) opportunity to help others live out their dreams of finishing their book and into the hands of the reading world.

Follow along as we go through Liz’s inspiring journey of how Green Goose Writing came to be, what she has learned thus far, and where she sees herself in her incredibly bright future.

Teaching Outside of the Classroom

Teaching Outside of the Classroom

Erika Tebbens is a business strategist unlike any other with a lot to offer. Former teacher turned entrepreneur (with some learning experiences in between), Erika coaches womxn to succeed in both their entrepreneurship and life – without the B.S.

Getting to where she is now took bravery, confidence and (big) leaps of faith, and her goal is to help more womxn do just as such. Erika’s method isn’t fluffy, “common knowledge”, or complex – it is exciting, gritty, and what every business womxn needs.

Tune in to this episode to hear how Erika’s remarkable journey has guided her to exactly where she needs to be – helping other strong entrepreneurs feel confident and embrace their true value.

Healing Yourself by Finding Your Voice

Healing Yourself by Finding Your Voice

Claudia Consolati is a professor of gender and sexuality, and a coach for women who need to find their voice. Claudia has developed a three-phase program to help women understand themselves and what’s holding them back, and find their true inner voice, that will free them to be who they have been called to be.

Claudia’s own life experiences, and her healing from them, lead her to develop her unique approach to helping women live more fulfilling lives. She has bridged the gap between academia and entrepreneurship, despite the very strong dichotomy that exists between the two.

Through her feminist teaching, and post-graduate studies in women and media, Claudia has become a thought leader and expert on helping women reclaim their power and become strong, vibrant versions of themselves.

Humanizing Marketing Through Conversation

Humanizing Marketing Through Conversation

Jürgen Strauss, having a tremendous amount of experience in the corporate world, has added entrepreneurship to his vast list of accomplishments with the success of InnovaBizz. This intuitive business takes clients through their Transformational Marketing Journey with growing their perfect audience in mind.

An integral and educational part of Innovabiz is his Podcast – Innovabuzz. Jürgen speaks with a wide variety of business professionals about the inner workings of their successes. Jürgen and his guests provide insightful information and experiences regarding the various aspects of their business that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

Jürgen provides his reputable point of view on why human and consumer interaction is crucial to understand if you want your business to grow – not only financially, but for the educational value as well. In addition, hear some of his valuable guidelines to a successful and engaging podcast!

Influencing Change in the Garment Industry

Influencing Change in the Garment Industry

Nadine Manson is a formally trained clothing designer who took her skills and experience working in the fashion industry and created her own brand and product, inspired by her lifestyle and a gap she found in the current market.

When her business wasn’t feeling right, and her results weren’t headed in the right direction, Nadine decided to break the mold and try and whole new business model, which was non-traditional but felt right. As a result of the alignment she created with her own values and her market, she achieved what most in her industry could not – sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that was profitable, fashionable and high quality.


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Sensational success stories give us the inspiration to take risks (often a good thing), but MOST of us, will have more organic, pivot-infested “slow growth” and we should celebrate that. Because it’s not easy. 

Stephanie has a way of preaching reality and slow growth and alignment while also amping you up and not bursting your bubble.

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