Real People, Real Business

Real People, Real Business

Tired of hearing amazing stories that are inspirational but feel out of reach? Craving some real talk with people who are just like you?

On Real People, Real Business, Business Strategist and Coach Stephanie Hayes interviews business owners that are building their businesses and making progress through grit, determination and action.

Every one has a story, and each of these entrepreneurs are telling theirs in funny, vulnerable and heartwarming ways that will make you say "Yes! That's me!" and leave you with creative ideas for breaking through that next roadblock that might just have you stuck.

Recent Episodes

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Ellen Elizabeth - Transforming Struggles Into Dreams

Sept. 21, 2022

Ellen Elizabeth is an author, sober mom to twins, recovery advocate, and infertility warrior who helps women dealing with addiction and infertility and the feelings of inadequacy that result from these conditions. In this ep…

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Jaime Di Dio - Branding That Feels Right

Sept. 15, 2022

Jaime is a brand strategist, creative director, and consultant who helps small businesses craft comprehensive big agency caliber branding with the customization and accessibility exclusive to one-on-one consulting. In this e…

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Leah Goard - Go From Surviving to Thriving in Business & Life

Sept. 8, 2022

Leah is a Business & Life Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker and independent mom. She has a deep passion for redefining success and a curiosity about what it really takes to truly thrive…

Michelle Stevens - Redefining Self Care Through Movement

Aug. 31, 2022

Michelle is a Body Compassion and Movement Mentor who helps busy online business owners make time for self care to better manage their energy and reduce stress and burnout. In this episode. Michelle discusses how she knew fr…

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Jackie Johnstone - Applying Human Design to Your Business

Aug. 23, 2022

Jackie is an expert in Human Design for business, a breathwork facilitator, subconscious transformation coach, retreat leader, copywriter, marketing consultant, and a lover of all things French! She’s been in business since …

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Dr. Heather Bartos, MD - Broadway to Babies: Growing A Business By Filling A Gap

Aug. 17, 2022

Heather is an OB/GYN, entrepreneur and a bad ass advocate for women’s health. Her journey to becoming a doctor and business owner was one of unexpected turns, but her go-with-the-flow attitude and being open to wherever her …

About the Host

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Stephanie Hayes

Business Strategist & Coach

I’m a 25-year business veteran and mentor for experienced, hard-working entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to level up in business and in life.

I design personalized, totally aligned business models that suit who you are, how you want to work, and that give you the straight path to success – however you define that.

You don’t have time for vague, might-work theories, and I have zero patience for marketing-guru-in-a-Lambroghini nonsense. (We’ll get along just fine)

You want to take control of your business and create a deliberate path to your next stage of success. Side-by-side, I help you create a detailed, actionable, and incredibly specific game plan, so you can build quickly and become excited and confident about your next steps.