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Finding Freedom Through Advertisements

Finding Freedom Through Advertisements

Alex Ramirez is the founder of The Facebook™️ Ad Freedom Agency dedicated to helping coaches scale their businesses and create freedom through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Aside from being a successful business owner, she is also the host of her own Youtube Channel and a mother of two who loves a good Netflix binge and dismantling the hustle culture.

Over the course of nearly five years, a VA business, and starting her own ad agency, she is now generating multiple 6-figures annually with one focus – freedom for her family and her clients.

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Healing the World Through Change

Healing the World Through Change

Kimberly Carroll is a coach for changemakers with an enormous heart and passion for helping heal the world and those within it.

Through her leadership, activism and education, Kimberly strives to help others pursue their dreams and become unstoppable with transformative inner work and building higher performance habits and strategies.

In this episode, Kimberly provides us insight into her strategic and soulful work and how she is creating an army of innovative, peaceful world-changers.

Mastering Delegation to Regain Control of Your Life

Mastering Delegation to Regain Control of Your Life

Ashlee Berghoff is a powerhouse of virtual assistance. After realizing that she needed more freedom and flexibility than the corporate world was able to offer her, she set out to help others find the same.

From personally assisting clients herself to guiding business owners through the ins and outs of hiring one themselves, she can help you gain back control of both your life and business.

Being the founder and CEO of A Squared Online, creator of the Action Amplified Method and a published author, you can (finally) breathe again knowing that Ashlee’s proven systems will take your business, and your life, where they want to go.

Being Creative In Your Structure

Being Creative In Your Structure

Growing up, Liz Wilcox was always encouraged and trained to get creative and say yes to ideas, which helped shape the incredible entrepreneur she is today.

Liz relied on her creativity to save her family from poverty. Little did she know that her magical talent would sky-rocket her from selling blogs about poop (no, seriously) to selling access to her Google Docs.

If you like zaniness, profound kindness, and pure determination and grit, you found the right episode.

Finding the Root of Fulfillment

Finding the Root of Fulfillment

Shannon Johnson is a natural health and wealth coach that provides individuals with an alternate method of healing that they didn’t know they needed.

Since starting her natural health journey, she has realized that there is no compromise in life for true fulfillment. She wholeheartedly believes that the only way to break through the scarcity mentality and be on your way to finding your passion is to look it straight in the eye and take the plunge.

Through her two business ventures, Shannon has truly found the root of her fulfillment.

How to Intentionally Deliver Your Content

How to Intentionally Deliver Your Content

Meera Kothand is a decorated email marketing specialist, blogger and 3X Amazon Best-selling author who works to help entrepreneurs confidently enter the digital space of email marketing, product launching, and blog development.

Through a strong belief of sticking to the learning curve, Meera teaches others that building your right audience takes time, patience, and a little bit of bravery.

It doesn’t always have to be pretty – it just has to be valuable.


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One of the agendas of this show is to talk with small business owners who’re not only growing their businesses, but also battling the notion that there is a silver bullet.  And if you haven’t found it yet…you’re doing something wrong.

Sensational success stories give us the inspiration to take risks (often a good thing), but MOST of us, will have more organic, pivot-infested “slow growth” and we should celebrate that. Because it’s not easy. 

Stephanie has a way of preaching reality and slow growth and alignment while also amping you up and not bursting your bubble.

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I am a small business strategist whose personalized approach helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. I create highly-customized business models that have enabled clients to double and triple their income without working longer hours. Whether they’re service providers or product creators, I help my client build the confidence and find the clarity they need to feel energized by their new business direction.