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Donna Loughlin is the Founder of LMGPR and known for her work with futurists and innovators. She has launched more than 500 companies taking them from stealth to market leaders since forming her agency in 2002.

She is also the host of BeforeItHappened, a leading narrative podcast featuring visionaries and the moments, events, and realizations that inspired them to change our lives for the better.

Donna excels in the realm of storytelling, and uses those skills to propel new companies into the mainstream.

Donna Loughlin - Embracing Your Sliding Door Moment
May 24, 2023

Donna Loughlin - Embracing Your Sliding Door Moment

If you are a believer in the old adage when one door closes, another one opens , this is the conversation for you! Donna Loughlin is the founder of LMG PR, a strategic public relations firm that helps futurists and …

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